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________________________________________________________________  REPORT OF EVENTS from 2016


Sunday 06 March 2016 - Corporation Day at St. Helens 


Blackpool Atlantean 334 (deputising for Lytham 19) went to the North West Museum of Road Transport, St. Helens, for their "Corporation Day", celebrating municipal pride with historic buses from corporation and council owned fleets past and present. Unfortunately there was a minor problem with 19 and we apologise for the short notice regarding the change of vehicle. 


The event included:

  • Free bus rides around St Helens on heritage buses, including the LTT's Blackpool 334.
  • Sales stalls and light refreshments in the Museum.
  • Bus link to the Rainhill Model Railway Club’s exhibition at Rainhill Village Hall.


The event was busy and 334 operated twice on the free bus service to Lea Green (for rail connections), and then to Rainhill for the model railway exhibition, returning to the Museum via the direct (former trolleybus) route through Nutgrove and Thatto Heath. The Atlantean was also rostered for a trip round the Eccleston Circular, taking in Knowsley Road, Eccleston Church, Bleakhill and returning via Dentons Green.  


More details of St Helens Transport Museum at and of the Rainhill Model Railway Club at



Sunday 27 March 2016 - Kirkby Stephen Event


A small group of LTT supporters and friends attended the event on Easter Sunday with Ribble RE 366. It was built in 1972 and nicely represent the single deck type being bought by Ribble at that time. In that era, the former county of Westmorland area around Kirkby Stephen, Brough and Applebey was "Ribble territory" so the choice of vehicle was particularly appropriate.


The Kirkby Stepehen Classic Commercial Vehicle Rally, now in its 18th year, was as popular as ever with the public and enthusiasts alike. There were displays, exhibitions and events at various locatiuons in the town itself and also in Brough and other villages. As ususl a major attraction was the free heritage bus service connecting the venues and providing a scenic half hour ride, culminating in the steep hill climb to the station on the Settle and Carlisle line. Many of the buses attanding the event operated on this service, including 366 which carried good loads throughout the day.



Sunday 03 April 2016 - Ribble Farewell

An event to mark the long history of Ribble bus services

in Fleetwood, Cleveleys & Thornton


As many of you will know Stagecoach, as successors to Ribble, were pulling out of the
Fleetwood and Thornton Cleveleys area and their final day was Saturday 2nd April. Then, from Monday 4th April the former 84 route, and bits of the 74 and 87, were replaced with a new service 24 and extension of service 22 operated by Catch22Bus.

So, on the day in between, Sunday 3rd April, to commemorate the end of the
Ribble era in the area, the LTT organised a free bus services from Cleveleys to Fleetwood, and from Cleveleys to Thornton and  Poulton between 11.50 and 14.50, using the LTT's preserved Ribble buses 366, 1805 and 1997.  The main centre of operations was Cleveleys Bus Station.

The event was sponsored by Catch22Bus and the journeys operated over the routes of their new services 22 & 24 which started the following day.


The timetable operated was as follows:

Sunday 03 April 2016

Service 24 Cleveleys to Poulton

                                     366  1997  1805   366     All

Cleveleys Bus station    11:50 12:50 13:50 14:50 15:50

Thornton Health Centre 11:58 12:58 13:58 14:58 15:58

Thornton Centre           12:05 13:05 14:05 15:05 16:05

Poulton Church             12:17 13:17 14:17 15:17 16:17


Poulton Church             12:20 13:20 14:20 15:20

Thornton Centre           12:32 13:32 14:32 15:32

Thornton Health Centre 12:38 13:38 14:38 15:38

Cleveleys Bus station    12:48 13:48 14:48 15:48


Service 22 Cleveleys to Fleetwood

                                          1805   366    1997  1805

Cleveleys Bus Station           11:50 12:50 13:50 14:50

Fleetwood (Queens Terrace)  12:17 13:17 14:17 15:17


Fleetwood (Queens Terrace)  12:20 13:20 14:20 15:20

Cleveleys Bus Station           12:48 13:48 14:48 15:48


Apart from the occasional lack of connection between buses at Cleveleys Bus Station, for which we apologise, the day was a great success and we welcomed both local residents and enthusiasts to the event, which we hope rekindled their memories of a bygone era.



Saturday 12 June 2016 - Thorton Gala

The free heritage bus service using Lytham 70 and RM887 began by taking almost full loads from Thornton King George's Playing Fields where the Gala Procession had ended to the main site for the afternoon's activities at Jubilee Gardens on Cleveleys North Promenade. The buses then provided a circular tour of the Thornton Cleveleys area at regular intervals. Unfortunately, the weather deteriorated and by 2.30 pm it was raining steadily. This increased in intensity and at 3.30 pm the organisers of the gala decided to call off the rest of the planned activities. Nevertheless the buses carried a good number of passengers who were all apreciative of having the opportunityto ride on a heritage bus.  


Sunday 17 July 2016 - Fleetwood Tram Sunday

It was planned to use Lytham 19, Lytham 70 and Blackpool 334 but at the last minute Lytham 70 had a problem and so Blackpool RM 521 was substituted. Lythyam 19 took part in the procession from Fisherman's Walk at 11 am, along Lord Street and North Albert Street to the North Euston Hotel. At 12 noon the heritage bus service started as 521 left the North Euston Hotel, whilst at the same time 19 departed from Queens Terrace bus stop lay-by to go to Freeport. Also at 12 noon 334 set out from Freeport. The route was along Dock Street to the Ferry, and then along the Esplanade, diverting round the back of the Mount and then back to the Esplanade in front of the Marine Hall.


The service operated at about a 12 minute frequencey all afternoon with the last round trip leaving Freeport at 1612. A good number of the public and enthusiasts took the opportunity to have a ride making it a successful day.



Sunday 11 September 2016 - Fairhaven Lake Vintage Vehicle Rally

A free heritage bus service linking the Rally to St.Annes Square will be operated on the Sunday of the National Heritage Open Days Weekend. Commencing at 1030 the route from the event at the Lake is along the Promenade to the first bus stop on St.Annes Square (outside B&M Bargains). The return journey goes along Clifton Drive, turning right at the White Church to go to Fairhaven Lake. The frequency will be at least every 15 minutes and it is hoped to use Lytham PD1 19, Blackpool RM 521 and Ribble VR 1997. The service will run until 1615.  


Sunday 09 October 2016 - Aire Valley Running Day and Rally - Skipton

Free heritage bus services to various surrounding places from Skipton Bus Station, plus gathering of vehicles at one of the town's car parks.

We will be attending this event and plan to use Ribble 1997. Departure from Brinwell Road will be about 0800 and anyone wishing to join the outing should email